Designing Authentic Assessment

Earlier this week, we learned that it is vital to incorporate authentic assessment into our design for the capstone project. We are thinking to create an authentic assessment that will be able to see how our targeted learners perform real-world tasks and demonstrate meaningful application of the knowledge. Our learners will need to demonstrate an understanding of positive relationship building with medical students in the clinical learning environment. However, we think that this will be difficult in an online faculty development module and we are now wondering what the best method to assess this competency is.

Defining the Problem

This week, we have the opportunity to present our project to the Clinical Affiliate Liaison Group (CALG) of Harvard Medical School. We will use this opportunity to gather information from the leadership stakeholders on one problem in the Primary Clinical Experience (PCE) learning environment at Harvard Medical School. Using one single data is not enough to reframe the problem. Thus, we need to gather more data from multiple stakeholders to find the core problem that we are trying to solve.

We understand that we are still in the early stage of our project, and we acknowledge that it is essential to follow the stepwise design approach. We hope that the feedback that we will get from tomorrow’s presentation will help us in designing a human-centered learning experience.

Learning about Design

This week’s class made me reflect on the way how I understand how people learn and the way I know about learning design. It is fascinating to realize that these two aspects are related to each other. Moreover, this week I visited again backward design that I previously learned in a different course. Upon reflecting on what is the ultimate goal of my capstone project, it allowed me to pinpoint on what domain or competencies that I would want the learners to master after my capstone project. I also need to know what are the evidence that will be able to show whether the learners have already learned those competencies or not. The outcome of our project should be measured, so students will understand what are the expectations and operate within the model that the designer intends.

Project Overview

The project that I am going to create for MedEd704: Learning Design Practicum for Medical Educators will be a project on how to foster an optimal clinical learning environment. For this project, I will be working under the guidance of Prof. Wisser from Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Teaching and Learning Lab. I will also be collaborating with I Made Subagiarta from the MMSc in Medical Education at Harvard Medical School class of 2020.

The program will be in the form of an online learning experience aimed for faculties and residents at Harvard Medical Schools teaching hospitals.  Faculties will be able to access the materials through an online learning platform. The material will consists of videos and other online educational activities about fostering positive learning environment.