Competency-Based Education

This Monday in class we had a fascinating discussion on competency-based education. Competency-based education allows students to advance their skills at their own pace despite its’ learning environment. This method will help educators in achieving personalized learning experience for students. If we are designing for equity, we could use competency-based education to help all students succeed.

Reflecting on my capstone project, I am quite uncertain whether this competency-based education could be implemented in online faculty development. Moreover, what are the incentives that will make them interested in this type of online faculty development? What would make them want to complete the learning environment module if this is not a requirement? Will giving them badges motivate them?

MMSc in Medical Education Candidate at Harvard Medical School
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  1. Hi Dini, I think it’s great that you’re actively applying principles from the class to your project on an ongoing basis. By grounding new material into the context of a project you’ve been thinking about for a while it will be easier for you to make sense of it. In what ways could badges be used to motivate your specific learners? If the badges are not recognized by an external authority (like a hospital or university), then it is unlikely that they will carry much weight as a credential. But they could be used in other ways. They could help scaffold the learning so that learners know what is expected of them. They could be used to to show off their new skills to peers. If you are using some sort of peer assessment the badges can help learners know who is more expert at certain topics.

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