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This week’s class made me reflect on the way how I understand how people learn and the way I know about learning design. It is fascinating to realize that these two aspects are related to each other. Moreover, this week I visited again backward design that I previously learned in a different course. Upon reflecting on what is the ultimate goal of my capstone project, it allowed me to pinpoint on what domain or competencies that I would want the learners to master after my capstone project. I also need to know what are the evidence that will be able to show whether the learners have already learned those competencies or not. The outcome of our project should be measured, so students will understand what are the expectations and operate within the model that the designer intends.

MMSc in Medical Education Candidate at Harvard Medical School
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  1. Hi Dini, thanks for completing the project charter. It looks like it was helpful to spell out the different pieces of the project. In general, the tasks and milestones look appropriate and achievable. Is the research period captured in the needs assessment? That seems like an important portion of the work, and the stakeholders should be involved to help you with refining the research agenda and providing the data points. But it sounds like you may already have access to the materials. And how are you planning to engage the educators in the meeting this week? What are the most important questions you can ask at this stage of the process?

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