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Selecting the perfect Learning Management System (LMS) is essential to ensure the success of the e-learning aspect of our class. However, deciding which LMS to use may be difficult, and many factors come into play. We have to have a clear sense of what we are trying to achieve with the LMS to come up with the right selection. Exploring stakeholders’ perspectives may help us in deciding which LMS to use.

From student perspectives, we learned that the students would use the LMS to help them access learning materials, so they need an LMS that is organized, clear, simple, and easy to use. From faculty members perspectives, they will use LMS to deliver the content of their class, so to the content structure should be flexible and not restrictive. Faculty members will also need learning analytics that will be able to track learner progression to identify learning gaps and improve students’ learning experience. From administrator perspectives, a perfect LMS has to be affordable, concordance with other schools within the university, and manageable.

To conclude, the perfect learning management system will have to cater to the needs of these three different stakeholders. By identifying the needs of people who will use the LMS and assessing the support that we need in managing the LMS, we could select the appropriate LMS that will enhance students’ learning.

MMSc in Medical Education Candidate at Harvard Medical School
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  1. Hi Dini, thanks for outlining the different perspectives on LMSs. Given the different needs of the different stakeholders, is it even possible for any one LMS to meet all those needs? What could a system look like that accommodates the individual needs of the different groups but is not unwieldy? Would something like the NGDLE as described in the readings help? In that model the platform itself is basic, but users can customize it or add certain elements to help promote their learning.

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