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This week we had the opportunity to learn about learning theories.  It is fascinating to learn that there are proven and scientific theories that could help and guide us in designing learning. Some people are born with extraordinary teaching skills eventhough they do not learn any teaching theory. But this condition is rare, and only a few people who are born with it. I believe that I am a person that was not born with this skill, and by having a thorough understanding about these learning theories will help me understand how our learners learn, and what particular teaching styles that work for them. Learning about learning theories can guide us in making decision in the classroom and help us when we face an instructional problem.  I also learned that these theories are not always mutually exclusive, and can be used in combination based on one’s particular educational situation.


MMSc in Medical Education Candidate at Harvard Medical School
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  1. Hi Dini, I’d like to challenge your thinking that some people are born knowing how to teach well. It is certainly true that few teachers have studied teaching formally, but all good teachers are good observers of teaching and are willing to experiment and iterate on their teaching style or methodology. There are many skills that go into teaching that some people may develop in different contexts – such as public speaking, or being organized, or listening well. It may appear that someone is a good teacher simply because they are entertaining, or they have a lot of self confidence. But the really good teachers care deeply about teaching and are constantly seeking ways to improve.

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