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This week experience was quite fascinating because it was my first time attending a small online learning classroom. I love the typical small discussion surrounded by my classmates in an academic learning environment, and this week session made me realize that there is this online alternative that I enjoy as well.  As a learner, I think preparing for face to face meeting in our regular sessions is much easier than online discussion. However, I think I learned more in an online learning environment because I had to produce writings or video comments that require me to study and think through it deeply.

From educator perspective, I think that the session was designed well and it had the resources that we need to meet the session’s learning objectives. The requirement to respond to other students’ comment and the collaborative rubric helped create a collaborative learning environment that I usually experience in our regular meeting. The feedback that we received was also timely and specific based on our discussion. One of the other design aspects that I also noticed was the availability of the instructor who was only available during the two hours that we usually spent on our actual meeting. Being an instructor in an online learning environment could probably be much more time consuming than a regular class if we don’t dedicate a specific time for consultation and feedback.

MMSc in Medical Education Candidate at Harvard Medical School
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  1. Hi Dini, thanks for your reflection. We will talk about the role of an instructor briefly in class this week, but you’re right that it can be very time consuming. The trick is to be intentional about your engagement. It is actually not a good practice to be online all the time and respond to every post. As an instructor you don’t want to dominate the conversation or have the discussion revolve around you. Rather, you want to design the experience so that the learners are at the center of the experience. And the online teacher becomes a facilitator who guides the learners in a way that helps create the intended learning outcomes. It’s very different than teaching in a face to face class and requires training and experience.

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