Media Development

Choosing the right media for teaching could be frustrating, and this week session taught us the importance of considering its’ pedagogical aspects when deciding what media that we are going to use to enhance our students’ learning experience. After a careful analysis of media use in education, for our capstone project, we think that a combination of text and video would help us best in assisting students in learning. We use video because we want to explain the concept of a clinical learning environment and we also want to illustrate a phenomenon in the student-teacher relationship. We use text because we feel that content in written language will help us in providing abstraction and generalization of the learning environment and student-teacher relationship concept.

MMSc in Medical Education Candidate at Harvard Medical School
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  1. Hi Dini, thanks for unpacking your thoughts about media choice. You say you are using video to explain a concept. Why do you think video is the best medium for explaining that concept? It may well be, but we need to make sure that we are interrogating our choices so we don’t default to our assumptions of what works best. What about the learners? Do they expect a certain type of media? Will they be able to access video during the lesson? What other questions might you ask to determine the best media choice?

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